Hi all,
 It's been a few day since I have updated the blog.Life, as usual has been busy! The appeal continues to pick up supporters and we have lots of things in the pipeline for the coming weeks and months. Yesterday one of my best friends Sharon and another friend Sarah had a stall at a table tots sale for us, lots of people donated great things that we could sell and Sharon and Sarah collected it all, sorted through it and then sold it on our behalf.They raised £133 and still had lots of stuff to sell at the next sale, brilliant! Thanks girls.
We have had so many wonderful people come forward with ideas and people are actually organising things on our behalf, which is amazing. Of course we need to know details of exactly what is happening in our name but with the best will in the world we cannot do everything ourselves.
We have never been comfortable with the idea of sharing our lives with the general public and in that respect fundraising is hard. We are private types but we are getting used to sharing parts of our family simply because we have to. On the plus side to that we have been shown how many people are rooting for us, complete strangers are coming forward to help which is amazing, and our friends have been wonderful.They are really getting stuck into organising things despite having busy families and jobs of their own.

The reason that we need to do this is relapse.The threat of relapse is something that we can not afford to be complacent about, okay so Thomas has coped really well with his treatment and we are so so grateful for that but Neuroblastoma will not care,not one bit. Relapse can occur at any time, even before we have finished treatment and therefore we need to raise as much in the way of funds as possible so that should relapse happen we have more options that we can use to deal with it. That is the grim truth.

Thank you to everyone who has shown support so far, through kind words, donations of money or goods that we can sell, ideas, sharing our web links, organising events. We really could not do this without you! xxxx

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